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Which turning machine will a small farm choose?

As a small farm, due to insufficient funds, small site area, and strict environmental protection requirements, aerobic fermentation is often used.
Before composting manure, general farms will choose dry manure for centralized collection to reduce the difficulty of manure treatment. The pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure and other farm manure to be composted are piled up in the fermentation tank. Since the appearance of manure is inevitable, it is often chosen to add a large amount of auxiliary materials with low moisture content such as straw, husk chaff, biogas residue, etc., and mix them to reduce the moisture content of compost materials. At this time, it is necessary to use the function of the trough-type compost turner to mix and stir these auxiliary materials with the manure compost. At the same time, during the composting period, due to the continuous progress of decomposition and decomposition, the temperature in the pile will continue to increase and the oxygen will continue to decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to promote oxygen, evaporate excess water and take away excess heat. The trough type compost turner can solve these problems.

After the fermentation is completed, the harmless treatment of feces is basically completed, but if it is to be used as an organic fertilizer to achieve the effect of improving crop quality, it needs to be crushed, stirred (adding nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), granulated, etc. The specific organic fertilizer production process and equipment configuration and other issues, welcome to contact us.



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