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What to pay attention to when fermenting?

1 Requirements for raw materials:
Raw materials (such as manure and other agricultural wastes) are relatively fresh.
2 Requirements for auxiliary materials:
Auxiliary materials (such as straw, rice bran, etc.) should have moderate water content, strong water absorption, suitable particles or length, and should not be too large.
3 Strains to be spread evenly:
It takes 50 grams to ferment one ton of raw materials for organic fertilizer fermentation strains. Considering that it cannot be spread evenly on the fermentation material, when using it, first mix 50 grams of strains into 500 grams of wheat, bran, sawdust, oil glutinous rice bran and other raw materials are mixed evenly, and sprinkled into the fermentation material, and then stirred evenly and stacked for fermentation.

crawler type compost turner
4 The fermentation moisture is well adjusted.
The moisture regulation of raw and auxiliary materials is important, which is related to the success or failure of fermentation. The moisture requirements are: after mixing the raw and auxiliary materials, hold it into a ball, and then drop it on the ground and it can be divided into two pieces. The addition ratio of general auxiliary materials (such as straw, rice bran, etc.) is 10%~30% (weight percentage of raw materials). If the volume ratio of the two is calculated, it is generally 2 parts of raw materials and 1 part of auxiliary materials.
5 The length, width and height of the fermentation stack should meet the standards:
It is required that the width of the fermentation product is not less than 1.5 meters, the height is not less than 1 meter, and the length is not limited.
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