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What steps are required to make livestock manure into organic fertilizer?

1. First, the raw materials such as animal manure should be fermented and decomposed. During the whole fermentation process, the harmful bacteria inside can be eliminated and decomposed. The fermented organic fertilizer turner is also an important part of the entire organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
2. Secondly, use the organic fertilizer pulverizing equipment to initially pulverize the raw materials.
3. Adjusting raw material is a key step in fertilizer production. Its main function is to add appropriate ingredients in proportion to enrich the organic content of organic fertilizers and improve the quality.

4. After the material is evenly stirred, granulation is required, which is also the most important part of the entire process.
5. After granulation, the granules is dried during the drying process, and then it needs to be cooled.
6. Screening is to screen out the unqualified granules of fertilizer, and the unqualified materials will also be returned to the production line for qualified treatment and reprocessing.
7. Packaging is the last link in fertilizer production, in order to protect the granules during the circulation process, facilitate storage and transportation.
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