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What organic fertilizer equipment is needed to ferment chicken manure?

The nutritional value contained in chicken manure is higher than that in livestock manure. It can supply sufficient nutrients to the soil and crops. When chicken manure is processed into organic fertilizer, fermentation is a very important step. So what equipment is needed to ferment chicken manure?
At present, the groove type compost turner is the widely used compost turning machine and it is suitable for all kinds of organic fertilizer raw materials such as animal manure, straw, sludge and so on. The track is installed on the preset trough-shaped building in the factory, and the turning machine runs according to the preset track to turn and throw. It can also be designed as one machine with multiple grooves according to the topography of the plant area.

The advantages of using fermentation equipment to ferment chicken manure are: 1. It can eliminate harmful substances. 2. It will not damage the nutrients and ensure the fertilizer efficiency in chicken manure during fermentation. 3. When the organic fertilizer equipment turner is fermenting chicken manure, it decomposes microorganisms, which has no impact on people and the environment. We have different kinds of fermentation equipment. Welcome to contact us for details.



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