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What machine is needed to process cow dung into organic fertilizer?

Cow dung can also be made into organic fertilizer using traditional fermentation methods, but the efficiency is too low, and there is a risk that the cow dung will not be completely decomposed. If the cow dung is not completely decomposed, it is garbage and cannot be used as fertilizer. Therefore, when cow dung is processed into organic fertilizer, fermentation is an important processing technology.
There are many options for cow dung fermentation equipment, such as crawler type compost turner, moving type compost turner and wheel type compost turner.

After the cow manure is successfully fermented, the cow manure organic fertilizer is successfully produced. The successfully fermented cow manure organic fertilizer is not a fine powder, but a pile of fertilizer, which does not meet the sales conditions in the fertilizer market. Most of the fertilizers on the market are powdered fertilizers or granular organic fertilizers.
The powdery organic fertilizer equipment production line includes the following equipment: fermentation turning and polishing equipment, mixers, new-type vertical crushers, belt conveyors, sieving machines and packing machines.

The above is the machine needed to process powdery cow dung into organic fertilizer, and it can also be flexibly selected according to the budget. There are granular cow dung organic fertilizer production line. Welcome to contact us for details.



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