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What is the application of humic acid in organic fertilizer?

Humic acid is used in the processing of organic fertilizer, so many people are curious about what humic acid does. Today, the organic fertilizer production line manufacturer, Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment, will tell you What is the application of humic acid in organic fertilizer?
1. Humic acid can improve soil structure and promote the formation of aggregates. Humic acid fertilizers have the advantages of enhancing the ability of soil to maintain and supply fertilizer, reducing the loss of effective nutrients and lasting for a long time in fertilizer supply, which can change the fertilizer efficiency of various quick-acting fertilizers from “fast, fierce, and short” to “slow, steady and long”.

2. After the application of humic acid fertilizer, humic acid interacts with iron, aluminum and other ions in the soil to form a new compound, coupled with the buffering effect of humic acid itself, which can reduce the acidity of soil. Therefore, the humic acid can increase the buffer performance of the soil, improve the acidic soil, and transform the saline-alkali land.
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