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What equipment does fresh chicken manure need to make fertilizer?

Depending on the degree of chicken manure organic fertilizer processing, the required machines are also different.
1.Chicken manure compost
Making chicken manure compost just need one compost turner. After the chicken manure is transported to the yard, then adjust the moisture and carbon-nitrogen ratio of the compost according to the ingredients of chicken manure. The mixed raw materials are piled into a fermentation pile. The pile is turned over by crawler type compost turner and aerobic fermentation is carried out.

2.Powdered chicken manure organic fertilizer
After fermentation, you can make powdered organic fertilizers. The production equipment is mainly five pieces: forklifts, organic fertilizer turners, feeder, pulverizers, screening machines, and automatic quantitative packaging machines. Three to four belt conveyors need to be connected between equipment to form a complete production line.

3.Granular chicken manure organic fertilizer
The granular organic fertilizer process includes the powder organic fertilizer process. The line includes fermentation equipment – feeder- semi-wet material pulverizer-horizontal – mixer-tooth – granulator – rotary drum dryer – rotary drum cooler – screening machine – automatic packaging machine

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