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What equipment do you need to build an organic fertilizer plant?

What equipment is required for an organic fertilizer plant is a problem that should be considered when planning and building an organic fertilizer production plant in the early stage. Reasonable planning and purchase of organic fertilizer production equipment can reduce unnecessary investment waste.
If it is a investor who is in contact with the organic fertilizer processing and production industry for the first time, it is recommended to start the production of powdered organic fertilizer with a processing volume of 10,000-50,000 tons per year. First of all, it produces 10,000-50,000 tons of organic fertilizer, which belongs to a small processing plant. The equipment required for powder organic fertilizer processing is 2-3 less than the complete set of granular organic fertilizer production line, which mainly includes compost turner, vertical crusher and screener. And the capital investment will be greatly reduced.

If it is a large organic fertilizer processing plant, it is necessary to purchase a large and complete set of organic fertilizer equipment. The complete set of granular organic fertilizer equipment includes: dewatering machine, fermentation turner, crusher, mixer, granulator,dryer,cooler,coating machine and packing machine.

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