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What are the influencing factors on fermentation of organic fertilizer?

1. Moisture content: The water content of aerobic composting materials is generally maintained at 45-65%. If the water content is too large, the oxygen content in the material cannot meet the oxygen demand of microorganisms; if the water content is too small, the mobility of soluble organic matter will become poor, preventing the supply of nutrients to microorganisms.
2. Oxygen amount and temperature: The actual ventilation time of aerobic compost is controlled according to the compost temperature. In the early stage, the number of turnings can be reduced, which is conducive to the rise of the pile temperature. When the temperature rises to about 70 degrees Celsius, the piles should be turned in time so that the pile temperature will not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is above 70 degrees Celsius, the microorganisms are in the state of spores, and the activity of microorganisms is almost zero.

3. pH value: During the composting process, the pH value of the material will vary with the fermentation stage, but it has the ability to adjust itself. Ph value between 5 and 8 has no effect on compost, if it deviates from this range, the material should be adjusted, such as mixed with finished compost. The Ph value at the end of composting is almost always around 8.5.
4. C/N: Generally controlled at about 25, if not suitable, it should be adjusted by mixing other materials. Waterway’s fermentation strains can regulate the C/N ratio to a certain extent, and the C/N ratio is appropriate, which is conducive to the accelerated fermentation of materials.
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