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What are the commonly used granulators for compound fertilizers?

1.Disc granulator
The disc granulator is composed of an inclined granulating disc, a driving device, a disc inclination adjustment mechanism, a frame, a feeding pipe, a material liquid sprayer, a scraper and other components. The product has uniform particles. The granulator has good automatic classification ability and can control the solution to be sprayed on the fine particles. It has the character of a high spheroidization rate, generates less large particles and a small return material ratio and easy control.

2. Rotary drum granulator
The drum granulator is a common equipment for granulating compound fertilizers. It is mainly used for the production of various products such as monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, NPK compound fertilizer, and urea-based NPK fertilizer. The drum granulation production process is favored by many compound fertilizer manufacturers because of its relatively small formula restrictions, high output, low investment, and short construction period.

3.Double roller extrusion granulator
The roller extrusion granulator absorbs similar models at home and abroad. It integrates the powder extrusion molding, crushing, finished product screening and other processes of the granulation unit. It has a compact structure and is easy to operate.

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