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What are the benefits of groove type fermentation?

1.Small production area: Compared with traditional composting, groove type fermentation has changed the shortcomings of the low land utilization. An 8-meter wide fermentation groove can replace 16 strip stacks, which can save 50% of the land. And the weather has little influence on the groove type fermentation.
2. Short fermentation time and high production efficiency: After the raw materials enter the groove, the exposed air area is small, therefore, the early temperature rises quickly and the heated area is large. The fermentation time is shortened from 30-40 days in the traditional method to 15-20 days, and the raw materials is evenly decomposed.

3. The labor intensity is reduced. This technology is mainly operated by a groove type compost turner with a high degree of automation, which greatly reduces labor and costs.
4. The effect of harmless treatment is remarkable. Compared with traditional incineration, pickling, and deep burial methods, this technology occupies less land and has no secondary pollution. It has better treatment effects.



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