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What are the advantages of the crawler type compost turner?

The crawler-type compost turner adopts the crawler walking, which can move forward, backward and drive by one person. The outstanding technology of this machine is the crushing function in the later stage. With the gradual dehydration of materials, the crusher device improves the efficiency of organic materials fermentation and reduces the cost.
The crawler type compost turner has the following advantages over the wheel type compost turner:
1. The walking process is stable. The contact surface between the crawler and the ground is large, so it is not easy to slip.
2. Both sides of the crawler can be controlled separately and the head can be rotated in place, which can save labor.
3. With stronger driving force, the crawler-type compost turner can automatically separate stacks. That eliminates the trouble of traditional unloaders after stacking.

Crawler Type Compost Turner (1)

The crawler type compost turner can be conveniently used in various raw materials and sites. This compost turner frame also adopts the design of overall lifting. When the height of the overturning pile change, the height of the overturning pile can be adjusted at the same time. We also have other kinds of fermentation equipment. Welcome to contact us foe more details.



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