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What are the advantages of cow dung rotary drum dryer?

Cow dung rotary drum dryer can directly dry manure with up to 50%-60% moisture content to 20% moisture content at a time. The whole process is carried out in a closed system, thereby it will reduce pollution in the drying process.
Main features of cow dung rotary drum dryer:
1. Cow dung rotary drum dryer has a high degree of mechanization and large production capacity. It can continuously operate.
2. Its structure is excellent and simple. The material runs smoothly through the resistance of the cylinder, and the operation is convenient.

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Dryer

3. The maintenance cost of cow dung rotary drum dryer is low and it’s low powder consumption.
4. It has wide application range and the drying is good uniformity.
5. The purpose of sterilization and deodorization can be achieved while drying.
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