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Three notes for choosing organic fertilizer

1. Raw materials of organic fertilizer
There are many types of raw materials. The quality is also uneven and its effect is also very different. The common raw materials are animal manure, municipal sludge, paper mill paper mud, lignin and cakes, etc. Although the lignin has a high organic content, it is difficult to decompose in the soil. The effect of fertilizer can be imagined.
2. Decomposed organic fertilizer
After the fresh farm manure is applied to the soil, the organic nutrients contained in it cannot be absorbed and utilized by the crop immediately. And the immature organic fertilizer contains germs, insect eggs and weed seeds. In addition, high temperature and organic acids are generated during the decomposing process, which seriously endangers the normal growth of crops. Therefore, organic fertilizers must be completely decomposed before they can be applied.

3. Right organic fertilizer
When growing vegetable crops such as melons and tomatoes that have a long growth period, do not simply use commercial organic fertilizers, nor can you simply measure or choose certain organic fertilizers based on price. Applying chemical fertilizers in later stages according to crop needs can avoid the shortcomings of commercial organic fertilizers that have a short duration.
The equipment needed to produce organic fertilizer with high quality includes: fermentation equipment, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, granulation equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment, coating machine and packaging machine. We have organic fertilizer production lines. Welcome to contact us for details.



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