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The technology of composting chicken manure

Composting chicken manure mainly uses biological action combined with advanced mechanical technology to effectively deal with chicken manure. The commonly process is aerobic fermentation. Using aerobic fermentation, chicken manure can be composted quickly. The temperature of fermentation is high and the cycle of maturity is short. Due to the high temperature, the germs, plant seeds, etc. in chicken manure can be effectively killed. And the drying effect is also very significant with mixer.
In order to realize the commercial production of chicken manure organic fertilizer, this article mainly introduces the aerobic fermentation process. Aerobic fermentation is currently the most effective method for composting chicken manure and it is also suitable for commercial production of chicken manure organic fertilizer. It uses natural microorganisms or inoculated microorganisms to completely decompose chicken manure and convert organic matter into organic matter, carbon dioxide and water. This method has the advantage of short fermentation time and easy to achieve factory-scale production.

groove type compost turner
The following data comes from a bio-organic fertilizer plant. The width of the fermentation groove is 6 m. The depth is 1.5 m and the length is 60 m. The temperature of fermentation is 60°C, and the time of fermentation is 20 days. At 60°C, with groove type compost turner, the fermentation is fast. The fermentation process is easy to control and it is not affected by the weather and season, which is conducive to large-scale standardized production.



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