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The Form of Extrusion Granulation

The form of extrusion granulation can be two types: roll type and rim type. For roll type extrusion, it is first pressed into large pieces and then broken into particles, so that the device has large capacity, high particle strength and low energy consumption. Roller extrusion is widely used abroad. The rim type is to directly extrude the material into a cylindrical strip shape in the die plate, and then cut into cylindrical particles. The extrusion granulation method currently used in China is mostly rim granulation method, because of its small production scale. The maximum capacity of a single machine can only reach 3-5 t/h, and the granulation strength is limited, the mold is easy to damage, the cylindrical particles are produced, the fluidity is poor, and the domestic development is slow. The rim granulation process has been eliminated abroad. Extrusion granulation as discussed in this report refers to the granule strength of the granules formed by roll extrusion granulation, and extrusion granulation mainly by the force between molecules.



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