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The difference between disc granulation production line and extrusion granulation production line

Organic fertilizer granulator equipment is more important among organic fertilizer equipment. It has a direct impact on the quality of granular organic fertilizer. So, what are the differences between the several processes of the organic fertilizer granulator?
1. The advantages of the disc granulation production line
(1) The disc granulator can directly observe the real-time situation of granulation. If the granulation process is abnormal it can be adjusted at any time.
(2) The particle size can be adjusted and the degree of freedom is relatively large. That is because the size of the particles depends on the inclination angle and rotation speed of the disc. And the disc granulator can adjust the inclination angle and rotation speed, so the control range of particle size is relatively wide.
(3) The disc granulation production line has short technological production flow, uncomplicated technological structure and little equipment investment relatively, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

2. The advantages of extrusion granulation production line
(1) The roller extrusion granulator belongs to dry granulation. When granulating, there is no need to adjust the dryness and wetness of the material, and there is no need to add drying equipment.
(2) Wide range of granulation. It can be adapted to process particles containing heat-sensitive materials, such as adding ammonium bicarbonate for granulation.
(3) Because it is dry granulation, there is no waste water or waste gas during the production process.
(4) The extrusion granulation production line has a short process flow, which is convenient for automatic control and has high production efficiency relatively.
(5) The flexibility of the roller extrusion granulator is good, and the fertilizer production plan can be adjusted at any time, which can be used to produce special fertilizer.
(6) Compared with agglomerate granulation, the uniformity of particle size of the roller extrusion granulator is an obvious advantage because the spherical pits of the roller are the same size.



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