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Straw Crusher

Production capacity:          9ZT-12C model, 1-4 tons per hour

Application scope:             Applicable to raw materials (corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn core, branch, leaves and leaves, especially in raw materials).


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  • Parameters

Straw crusher machine is a new kind of product designed by our company based on the market of sawdust machine. The product can guarantee the standard rate of finished products and solve the inconveniences caused by the irregularity of finished products. Inside is standard stainless steel screen, and the mesh can be selected freely. And this machine covers a small area, and the packaging is convenient; Coupled with the simple operation, no dust pollution, all of these characteristics make it become the ideal pulverizing equipment.

Characteristics of Performance

 This product has reasonable design, and the manufacture quality is reliable, also its advantages cover simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, small area, saving labor and electricity.

Fully automatic control electric heating device can adjust the dry humidity of the material at random, ensuring the stability of material forming and improving the working efficiency.

The main parts of this product adopts the wear-resistant material through special treatment, so it can suppress production continuously and is durable.

This machine is suitable for all kinds of biological raw materials, such as corn wood, wheat wood, cotton rod, wood, branches, leaves, sawdust, etc

Working Principle

Straw crusher machine can be fitted with motor, diesel engine or tractor with 30-50 horsepower. The main engine consists of feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism, throwing mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism, protective device and rack. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient movement, automatic feeding and safety.

Its components are as follows:

  1. Feeding mechanism: mainly consists of feeding platform, top and bottom roller, fixed blade and fixed tool support seat.
  2. Cut and drop mechanism: mainly consists of movable knife, cutter plate, locking screw, etc.
  3. Transmission mechanism: mainly consists of triangle belt, transmission shaft, gear and universal joint.
  4. Walking mechanism: mainly consists of the ground foot wheel.
  5. Protective device: consists of a protective cover.

Working Video


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