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Role of Compost Turner in Fertilizer Production

  1. Mixing raw materials and accessories. During organic fertilizer production, in order to adjust the C/N, PH value, moisture content, etc., some accessories must be added. The main raw materials and auxiliary materials are roughly stacked together in proportion, then they can be mixed by compost turner, so that the purpose of modulation is achieved.
  2. Adjust temperature of materials pile. During the operation of the compost turner, the raw materials are in full contact with the air. The compost turner can contain a large amount of fresh air, which helps aerobic microorganisms actively generate heat during fermentation, so that the temperature of the pile can increase. When the temperature of pile is high, fresh air supplementation can lower the temperature. This alternation of temperatures allows various beneficial microorganisms to grow and reproduce rapidly within the temperature range to which they are adapted.
  3. Improve the permeability of the material pile. Compost turner can process materials into small pieces, which can make the materials sticky, the dense mass of materials pile become fluffy and form the pores.
  4. Adjust the humidity of material pile. The suitable water content for fermenting raw materials is about 55%, but the water content of organic fertilizer should be less than 20%. During fermentation, the new water will be produced by biochemical reaction, and the consumption of raw materials by microorganisms will cause water to lose its carrier and be released. Therefore, in the fertilizer production process, moisture will be reduced in time. In addition to the evaporation formed by heat conduction, the work of compost turner on the raw material will also form mandatory emissions of water vapor.


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