Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Production Process of Sheep Manure

Put the collected livestock and poultry feces directly into the fermentation area. By the fermentation and secondary aging stack, the odor will be eliminated. In this stage, the fermented culture can be added to decompose coarse fiber, so that the granules’ size after crushing can meet the requirements of granulation.

Crush the fermented materials after finishing the second aging stacking, and then enter the mixing system. But prior to this, N, P, K and other trace elements need to be added to the mixing system according to the formula.

The mixed materials will be transported into the granulation system, and the granulated materials will be put into the cooler after being dried. When the temperature of granules falls to normal, then they will be screened. The granules that meet the requirements will be packaged after the coating.



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