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Method for making organic fertilizer from mud of sugar factory

1. Pretreatment
The purpose of pretreatment is to adjust the moisture, particle size and carbon-nitrogen ratio of the raw materials. At the same time, a certain amount of fermentation bacteria can be added to speed up the fermentation process and improve the efficiency. After mixing evenly, they can be fermented in groove.
2. Fermentation
Aerobic fermentation can reduce the volatile matter in the waste. It can also reduce the odor and moisture content of the raw materials. And the parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms can also be killed. Therefore, the organic matter in the material can be decomposed and mineralized to release N, P, K, etc..The fermentation cycle is 10-15 days,and the compost temperature will rise to about 70 degrees. The materials are stirred through the groove type compost turner. The moisture content of the materials after fermentation greatly reduce (generally less than 40%).

3. Second Fermentation
The macromolecular organic matter in the organic waste after the primary fermentation has not been completely decomposed, so the secondary fermentation needs to be continued. After the second fermentation, the macromolecular organic matter in the organic matter will be decomposed, stabilized and dried. The second cycle is 15-20 days. During this period, the compost is turned over by the turning machine. The temperature of the compost is gradually decreased and stabilized. The compost is decomposed totally.
4. Fertilizer Production
As compost is sold as a commodity, it is necessary to improve its efficiency and commerciality. The compost is crushed by a crusher and then sieved. The under sieve is packaged and sold through ingredient mixing, granulation, drying and cooling and sieving.
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