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Is the organic fertilizer factory better to make powder fertilizer or granular fertilizer first?

When using organic fertilizer equipment, you should know whether you are making powder fertilizer or granular fertilizer. The main difference between them is that one is powdery organic fertilizer and the other is granular organic fertilizer. There are several types of organic fertilizer equipment. The main purpose of making granular organic fertilizer is to facilitate bagging and transportation to prevent secondary fermentation of organic fertilizer. In addition, granular organic fertilizer is sold well. And powdered organic fertilizer was the pre-process, and then the granulator was required to make granular organic fertilizer, and only the organic fertilizer granulator could produce granular organic fertilizer.

The two manufacturing processes are different, resulting in different equipment required. The granular organic fertilizer process includes the powder organic fertilizer process. Then, taking granular organic fertilizer equipment as a complete organic fertilizer production, the process consists of ① fermentation system, ② drying system, ③ deodorization and dust removal system, ④ crushing system, ⑤ batching system, ⑥ mixing system, ⑦ Granulation system, ⑧ drying system, ⑨ screening system, ⑩ conveying and finished product packaging system. Among them, powdered fertilizers are similar in other processes except for granulation and coating process.Welcome to contact us for details.



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