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Introduction to the configuration of a chicken manure organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons

The chicken manure organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons is generally equipped with a relatively complete configuration. It belongs to a large-scale organic fertilizer production line. It has high requirements on the overall coordination and automation of the equipment. Below we will introduce the specific configuration of the production line in combination with the production process:
The processing of chicken manure organic fertilizer is divided into pre-fermentation and post-granulation. The fermentation part needs to use a chicken manure dehydrator, that is, a solid-liquid separator, to remove the excess water in the chicken manure, and then use a fermentation turner to ferment the raw materials. After 7-14 days of fermentation, the fermented materials will enter the granulation part that is carried out in the organic fertilizer production line.

The detailed configuration of the equipment in the granulation process is: feeder – belt conveyor – semi-wet material pulverizer – belt conveyor – mixer – belt conveyor – new type organic fertilizer granulator – belt conveyor – dryer – belt conveyor – cooler – belt conveyor – drum screening machine – belt conveyor – automatic packaging machine.
In this way, the basic configuration types of the equipment will come out. It should also be noted that the hourly output of each equipment is optional. You need to estimate the daily production volume according to your regional environment, raw material supply, and fermentation production cycle to choose the appropriate device. Welcome to contact us to get a quotation for the configuration machine of 100,000 tons of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line.



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