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Humic Acid Is A Soil Improver

With the improvement of people’s living standards and lifestyle changes, as well as the development of inorganic fertilizer industry with convenient application and significant increase in production, the “dirty, rotten and stinky” farmyard manure has been increasingly ignored by modern farmers. Therefore, from the current fertilization structure, heavy inorganic and light organic fertilization habits are very common, especially in the production of food crops. In the long run, it will inevitably destroy the soil structure, and lead to soil compaction and soil fertility decline. Based on this situation, it is particularly important to develop a convenient and hygienic organic fertilizer source. The humic acid rich in the “Green Vitality” series can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, reduce soil bulk density, increase cation substitution, and adjust soil pH, thus helping to improve soil water retention, fertilizer retention, heat preservation and ventilation. In addition, since humic acid is a high molecular organic substance, it can provide sufficient carbon source and energy for soil microorganisms after being applied to the soil, promote microbial metabolism and reproduction, thereby increasing the amount of soil microorganisms, enhancing soil microbial activity, and improving soil microenvironment. This is especially important for improving and fertilizing soil.



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