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How to use organic fertilizer production equipment to process high-quality chicken manure organic fertilizer?

In order to make the chicken manure organic fertilizer with high quality, you must first check the raw materials that need to be processed, and pay more attention to the moisture content of the raw materials, the effective number of viable bacteria contained, and its formula, because these aspects will directly affect the effect of post-processing. After considering these issues, the relevant fertilizer processing equipment can be configured. However, this does not fully guarantee the normal operation of the organic fertilizer processing equipment. It is also necessary to inspect the equipment parts, and when abnormalities are found, they must be dealt with in a timely manner to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment.

During the fermentation, the compost turning machine is used for turning operations. The use of one machine with multiple tanks can greatly improve the processing capacity of chicken manure. The use of fermentation cylinder can keep the fermentation field as clean and tidy as possible, which is relatively environmentally friendly. In order to ensure the degree of automation of the entire chicken manure organic fertilizer production line, forklifts and silos can be used to load materials, which can greatly reduce manual operations. Then it is crushed and sieved to remove impurities in chicken manure, such as feathers and plastics that cannot be decomposed. If necessary, the organic content of chicken manure can be further increased, which is fully stirred by a horizontal mixer, and then granulated, packed and bagged. High-quality organic fertilizer was produced.
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