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How to produce organic fertilizer from manure?

Pig manure, cow manure, chicken manure, sheep manure, pigeon manure and other livestock manure can be processed into organic fertilizer, which can provide nutrients for crops, plants and soil. For example: chicken manure contains a variety of enzymes, which can inhibit plant fusarium wilt and root-knot nematode disease. And the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in chicken manure is higher than that in other animal manures.
For pig, due to the weak absorption of nutrients, only 25% is absorbed. And the rest of the nutrients are excreted with feces. Pig feces contain high protein, amino acids, and beneficial microorganisms, such as ammonia-melting bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, etc. After fermentation, a large amount of humic acid can be produced, which can help plants grow rapidly, absorb nutrients and increase yield.

So, what are the process steps for processing these livestock manures into organic fertilizers? Is it processed with traditional processing methods or with organic fertilizer production line?
If the amount of processed manure is small, and it is not for sale. The organic fertilizer processing can be carried out by traditional methods. If the amount of manure processing fertilizer is large, or it is used for sale, it is processed with organic fertilizer production line.
The process steps: the livestock manure with moderate moisture content (about 60% moisture content) is fermented with fermentation and throwing equipment (with sterilization effect) – pulverizer – mixing and stirring equipment – granulation equipment – dryer drying pellets – cooling machine- packing machine.
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