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How to make profit by using cow dung?

Cow dung contains 14.5% organic matter, 0.30-0.45% nitrogen, 0.15-0.25% phosphorus, and 0.10-0.15% potassium. The organic matter and nutrient content are lower among all kinds of livestock, the texture is fine and dense, the water content is more, the decomposition is slow, the calorific value is low, and it is a slow-acting fertilizer.
Cow dung has high water content, poor air permeability, and the organic matter is difficult to decompose. It is a cold fertilizer. Dry the fresh ones and add horse manure to mix and pile up to obtain loose and high-quality organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizer making equipment can make cow dung more valuable. In terms of infrastructure investment for small organic fertilizer processing plants, the investment can be large or small. We have many types of organic fertilizer equipment, and we can formulate different organic fertilizer production plans according to clients’ needs.

(1) In terms of production, small organic fertilizer machines generally refer to organic fertilizer production lines with an annual output of 3,000 tons to 10,000 tons.
(2) In terms of technology, it is divided into two types: powder fertilizer production line and granular fertilizer production line. The equipment configuration of the powder fertilizer production line is simple, and the investment is relatively small, while the investment of the granular fertilizer production line is large, and the equipment configuration is relatively complicated.
The whole set of equipment for making cow dung organic fertilizer includes, turning machine, feeding bin, pulverizer, granulator, screening machine, dryer, cooling machine, mixer, automatic packaging machine, etc. The types of these equipment are various. Different models and configurations is different price. Welcome to contact us for details.



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