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How to make compost faster?

Use the right ingredients: The ideal compost pile should have a good balance of main materials like animal waste and auxiliary materials like straw. Make sure to chop or shred the ingredients to smaller pieces, which will help them break down faster.
Turn the pile: Regularly turning the compost pile helps to aerate it and distribute the heat and moisture evenly, which accelerates the decomposition process. Compost turner is a good choice to turn the piles.
Keep it moist: Composting microbes need moisture to thrive, so it’s important to keep the compost pile moist but not waterlogged. Aim for a moisture level that’s similar to a damp sponge.

Add nitrogen: Nitrogen is essential for composting, as it helps to feed the microbes that break down the organic matter. You can add nitrogen-rich materials like fresh grass clippings, vegetable scraps to speed up the process.
Use a compost accelerator: Compost accelerators are products that contain a high concentration of beneficial microbes and enzymes that help to break down the organic matter more quickly.
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