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How to improve the quality of animal manure organic fertilizer?

To improve the quality of animal manure organic fertilizer requires refined products. After the materials are fermented for the second time, impurities such as glass, ceramics, plastics, wood chips, fibers and stones must be removed. Post-processing equipment mainly includes screening machine, grinding, granulating, and packaging machines. In the actual process, the combined post-processing equipment is selected according to local needs.
(1) The screening equipment
The screening equipment for the post-processing is different from the pre-processing, because the particle size range of the compost after pre-processing and secondary fermentation is much smaller than that of the pre-processed material. The post-sorting equipment mostly uses rotary drum screening machine.

(2) Granulation equipment
The granulation equipment is used for the granulation of organic fermentation materials to make it conducive to storage and transportation, so as to meet the demand for organic fertilizer in different seasons. The granulator must have the ability to process a certain size ratio of particles and a certain amount of organic fertilizer. The size ratio of particles refers to the ratio of the uncompressed particle size and the compressed particle size of the organic fertilizer, which can be measured by screening. Usually the granulation equipment is disc granulator. The forming mechanism of the granulator is related to the following factors. When using the granulation equipment, these factors must be fully paid attention to in order to obtain the desired effect:
①Humidity is related to the formation of surface tension of moisture.
②The shape of particle is related to the adhesion of the material injected into the granulator.
③The density of surface is related to the ratio of pressure.
(3) Packing machine
Considering the convenience of transportation, management and storage, the final granules are often used to pack. The material, size and shape of the packaging bag and the specifications of packaging machine should be selected according to the quantity and use of the organic fertilizer.



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