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How to ferment chicken manure organic fertilizer?

The water content of chicken manure is not high, but the organic matter contained in it is the highest among pigs, cattle, and sheep. The content of trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is also relatively high. Therefore, chicken manure is the most nutritious in the manure of cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock. Although chicken manure fertilizer is an efficient and nutritious fertilizer, pay attention to the amount of fertilizer when applying it to the alkaline soil.After the chicken manure is fermented, it can be used as fertilizer. How to ferment chicken manure organic fertilizer?
Chicken manure can be piled on the ground. If it is old chicken manure, it needs to be mixed with some fresh chicken manure. Because chicken manure is piled for a long time, it will naturally ferment, but it cannot be completely decomposed. This kind of old chicken manure is more difficult to heat up, so fresh chicken manure can heat up the old chicken manure.

When fermenting, you can add starter and auxiliary materials such as wheat bran and straw to help the chicken manure to decompose. Adding auxiliary materials such as straw can adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio because the nitrogen content in chicken manure is a bit high.
After adding starter and auxiliary materials, if a large amount of chicken manure needs to be processed, it is recommended to buy a fermentation equipment, such as groove type compost turner, crawler type compost turner, and other fermentation equipment, which saves time and labor. A small amount of chicken manure fermented fertilizer can use traditional fermentation methods. The chicken manure has white mycelium and becomes loose. And its smell is reduced. That means the chicken manure fertilizer is successfully fermented.



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