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How to ferment chicken manure into powder organic fertilizer?

Chicken intestines are short, and chicken manure contains a lot of organic matter that has not been decomposed. Chicken manure is made into fertilizer, which has high nutritional value and strong fertility. It is beneficial to fertile soil, provides necessary nutrients for crops, and increases crop yield. There are a variety of methods to ferment chicken manure. Today, I will share with you the example of organic fertilizer equipment processing chicken manure into organic fertilizer.
It is necessary to add starter and auxiliary materials to make organic fertilizer from chicken manure. The organic fertilizer equipment used are: fermentation turning machine—mixing equipment—grinding equipment (this is the equipment required for powdered organic fertilizer )
Next is the process flow of powder organic fertilizer:

1. Mix and stir the added leavening agent and auxiliary materials. If the amount is large, it is troublesome to stir manually. You can use organic fertilizer stirring equipment to stir.
2. The agitated material is automatically fermented by a fermentation turner or a fermentation tank.
3. The fermented chicken manure organic fertilizer can be dried with a dryer, or dried naturally and then pulverized with a pulverizer.
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