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How to compost the large amount of pig farm manure to make organic fertilizer?

First, in the fresh pig manure, add harmless wood chips or coarse rice bran and other auxiliary materials accounting for 10%-15% of the total fermented pig manure. The moisture content of pig manure is controlled at about 60%. The carbon to nitrogen ratio is between 30 and 40.
The second is to add superphosphate, which accounts for 5% of the total fermentation material, to adjust the pH of pig manure to about 7.5. The additive must be evenly mixed with the pig manure and then stacked in a trapezoid shape in the pretreatment farm. The trapezoidal shape of the stack is 2m wide at the top and 3m wide at the bottom. The stacking time in the pretreatment field is 7 days in summer and autumn, 10 days in winter and spring, and then fermented in the fermentation tank.

crawler type compost turner
The pretreatment procedure is as follows: fresh pig manure – adding fermentation strain – adding sawdust, rice bran, chicken manure – adding superphosphate – uniform mixing – trapezoidal stacking for 7-10 days – sending to fermentation workshop
We have many types of organic fertilizer fermentation turning equipment: moving type fermentation turning machine, groove type fermentation turning machine and crawler type fermentation turning machine. These can be selected according to the actual needs.Different models and configurations is different price, welcome to contact us for details.



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