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How much does it cost to invest in an organic fertilizer production line?

The investment in the equipment of the organic fertilizer production line mainly depends on the annual output and production process of organic fertilizer. With the development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the automation and standardization of machinery. The higher the degree of automation of organic fertilizer production line, the more expensive it is.
To produce organic fertilizer, it is necessary to collect and process the raw materials such as pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure. And after dehydration, fermentation, mixing, crushing, screening, drying, granulating, cooling, weighing, packaging, etc , the raw materials can be made into organic fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

An organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation equipment, grinder, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooling machine, screening machine, weighing and packaging machine. This production line can be used to produce granular organic fertilizer. The investment for an organic fertilizer production line with the annual capacity 10,000 tons is about 46,000-67,000 dollars.
To buy organic fertilizer equipment, you must buy it from a regular manufacturer. In addition to ensuring the quality of the equipment, the regular manufacturer will also have a more complete and thoughtful service system. They also use advanced and precise manufacturing equipment. As a manufacturer of fertilizer equipment, Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment has professional technicians and a R&D team of engineers. We have advanced technology to produce fertilizer making equipment. Welcome to contact us.



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