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How many tons of manure can 10,000 sheep produce per year?

An adult sheep can produce about 2.7 kg manure a day, and a bred sheep can produce about 2.3 kg a day. Three lambs are counted as one bred sheep. The average annual production per head is 0.7 tons. The annual output of 10,000 sheep is 7,000 tons. 3 tons of sheep manure can be processed into 2.2 tons of organic fertilizer after dehydration + fermentation with auxiliary materials. About 7,000 tons of sheep manure can be processed into 5,000 tons of organic fertilizer, which can be equipped with a set of 5,000 tons of organic fertilizer production line.

The 5,000-ton organic fertilizer production line can produce powdered and granular fertilizers according to market demand. The equipment included in the 5,000-ton granular organic fertilizer production line includes: fermentation machine, semi-wet material pulverizer, mixer, disc granulator, screening machines, drum dryers, pellet rounders, coating machines. It can also be matched with a weighing packaging machine for automatic weighing and sealing packaging.
All processes of organic fertilizer production line to produce sheep manure organic fertilizer are automated, and the sheep manure fermentation time is much shorter than the traditional method, and the fermentation is more thorough.
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