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How many methods to process organic fertilizer?

After a lot of practice, data shows that organic fertilizers processed by organic fertilizer production line can not only improve the quality of crops, but also improve the quality of crops. Organic fertilizers processed by regular fertilizer manufacturers contain nutrients and various beneficial elements required for crop growth, which are beneficial to crop absorption. So how to process organic fertilizer? What are the processing methods?
1) We can process the organic waste of livestock and poultry manure into organic fertilizer compost that meets the standard through the groove type turner or crawler type turner, however, there is a key condition that it can be used only after it has been thoroughly decomposed at high temperature. And this method cannot completely guarantee the absence of harmful bacteria, so it should be used with caution.

2) The poultry and livestock manure after high temperature fermentation is further processed through organic fertilizer production line such as turning, crushing, stirring, granulation, etc., so as to produce non-polluting and pollution-free organic fertilizers for field application. And it has a variety of nutrient-rich proteins.
3) In the production of organic fertilizers, some chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers can be added and blended properly before use. This method requires special attention to the ratio of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, which requires professional guidance and should not be applied blindly.
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