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How long is the fermentation period of chicken manure?

If chicken manure is to be processed into organic fertilizer, it must be fermented or dried in the early stage. The fermented chicken manure organic fertilizer not only has the advantages of good fertilizer efficiency, safe and convenient to use, but also has disease resistance.
The specific process of chicken manure fermentation:
The existing chicken manure is mixed with straw, dry soil powder or other materials in an appropriate ratio, and a starter is added to mix for semi-fermentation.
The moisture of the fermented material is maintained between 60%-65%. Too high or too low is not conducive to fermentation. Judgment method of whether the moisture is suitable or not: Holding a handful of material tightly, the water can be seen between the fingers but not drip, and the materials will disperse when it hits the ground.

The time of fermentation is generally 15-20 days. The raw materials can be stacked in piles, which can be arranged into multiple parallel piles. The cross-sectional shape of the piles is usually triangular or trapezoidal, with a height of 1.5m-2.0m and a width of 4m-6m. During the fermentation, a chicken manure compost turner should be used to turn the materials into full contact with the air and mix with the starter evenly to speed up the progress of the fermentation and ensure the quality of the finished product. The fermented product is fluffy dark brown, and is used in the nutrient soil for melons, fruits, vegetables, cash crops, nursery stocks and flowers.
There are different types of compost turner for the fermentation of organic waste, which mainly includes groove type, moving type, crawler type, wheel type and fermentation cylinder. They are widely used in the organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge and garbage plant and so on. Welcome to contact us.



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