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Fermentation process of organic fertilizer

The production of organic fertilizer must go through the process of fermentation by organic fertilizer turning machine, crushing by pulverizer, mixing by mixer, granulation by organic fertilizer granulator, drying by dryer, cooling by cooling machine, and screening by screening machine. Among them, the fermentation process is particularly important. Only when the raw materials are fermented well, the organic fertilizer produced can pass the quality test. The following is general fermentation process.

Put the pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure and other farm manure to be composted in the fermentation groove. In order to reduce the moisture content of the compost material, it is often chosen to add a large amount of auxiliary materials with low moisture content such as straw, hull chaff, and biogas residue to mix them. At this time, it is necessary to use the groove type compost turning machine to mix and stir these auxiliary materials with the manure compost. At the same time, due to the continuous progress of decomposing and decomposition, the temperature in the pile will continue to increase during composting, and the oxygen will continue to decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to promote oxygen, evaporate excess water and take away excess heat. The groove type compost turner can solve these problems well.
After the fermentation is completed, the harmless treatment of manure is basically completed, but in order to use it as an organic fertilizer to achieve the effect of improving the quality of the crop, it also needs to be crushed, stirred (addition of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), granulation, etc. For questions about process and equipment configuration, please contact us.



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