Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Equipment required for the production of powdered organic fertilizers

Powdered organic fertilizers are organic fertilizers that have not been granulated and dried. Compared with granular organic fertilizer, it has the advantages of small investment, low production cost, less nutrient loss during processing, low price, and less ecological pollution.

Powdered organic fertilizers are relatively simple to produce. The production equipment is mainly five pieces: forklifts, organic fertilizer turners, feeder, pulverizers, screening machines, and automatic quantitative packaging machines. Three to four belt conveyors need to be connected between equipment to form a complete production line.
Manufacturers of powdered organic fertilizers or powdered organic-inorganic compound fertilizers with large production volumes also need to purchase mixers and dynamic batching equipment. Belt conveyors also need to be added. In short, fertilizer manufacturers need to choose suitable production equipment according to their actual situation.
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