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Details Needed to Be Noted during Fermentation

  1. Temperature. The starting temperature of fermentation should be 25℃~35℃. If the fermentation is in winter, it is recommended to do so indoors or in a greenhouse. If the fermentation is outside, the plastic mulch is recommended.
  2. Ratio. First mix 200g-300g biological fermenter and 20kg-30kg bran powder fully and evenly.
  3. Water content. Add the above mixture to 1 ton of organic fertilizer and mix well again. According to the situation after mixing, add water or materials to control the water content in 40%-45%. The standard is when the materials is held in the hand, there is water between the fingers, but not dripping.
  4. Scale of materials pile. The raw materials for fermentation should be piled directly on the ground, and the fermentation pile should not be too small. The fermentation effect is better for the pile with height of 1.5m-2m, width of 2m and length of more than 2m-4m. The fermentation pile can be covered with plastic cloth, do not need to seal. The fermentation process should be timely turn over, and replenished or reduces the water according to the temperature, usually twice.
  5. Colour. The fermentation is completed when the material is no longer hot and loose, and the colour is dark brown.


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