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Chicken manure organic fertilizer turning machine

The self-propelled crawler turner can stack the materials on the ground for fermentation. The materials need to be piled into long stacks. And the materials are regularly stirred and crushed by the turner, and the organic matter is decomposed under aerobic conditions. It has the function of crushing, which greatly saves time and labor, greatly improves the production efficiency and quality of the organic fertilizer, and greatly reduces the cost. Crawler type compost turner is the most common treatment method for composting chicken manure, pig manure and cow manure. The crawler type compost turner adopts the design of crawler walking, which can move forward, backward, turn, and be driven by one person. The rotating knife shaft inside the turner has the function of turning, fluffing, and stacking of the raw materials. The outstanding technology of this machine is to integrate the crushing function in the later stage of the material.

The turning and throwing drum is composed of two left and right reverse spirals and a middle straight section of teeth. The rotating spiral drum gathers the triangular stack material to the middle, and at the same time, the material is turned backward with the rotation of the drum, so as to realize the top material and the inner material fully mixed. The material and oxygen are fully contacted, and the hot air in the stack is aerated. So as to realize material mixing, crushing, ventilation, aeration, turning and throwing, to achieve the purpose of fermentation.
There are many types of chicken manure fermentation equipment, such as groove type turners, wheel type turners, moving type turners etc. Each type of fermentation equipment has many models. If you need to purchase a chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer equipment, welcome to contact us.



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