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Advantages of small-scale organic fertilizer plants

1. Generally, the annual output of small-scale organic fertilizer processing plants is less than 30,000 tons, and the corresponding investment amount is much smaller. For those who are first involved in the organic fertilizer processing industry, there is lower risk and concern. Compared with the investment, the small organic fertilizer processing plant can basically achieve profitability within one year.
2.The source of raw materials for small organic fertilizer processing plants is convenient for storage, transportation and collection. And the transportation radius of raw materials available for small organic fertilizer processing plants is reduced, which makes the storage and transportation more convenient and reduce costs.

3.Small-scale organic fertilizer processing plants have good scalability. In the early stage, many organic fertilizer processing factories put into production with the mentality of experimentation. Then, as the business develops, the production line needs to be increased. There is existing equipment and technology of our company are all feasible. They can be expanded for the requirement to increase production capacity.
4.The equipment invested in the small organic fertilizer processing plant have advantages of simple operation, less labor and simple maintenance.
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