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Something about Pig Manure Fermentation

Advantages of composting pig manure to get organic fertilizer: The aerobic microorganism contained in the starter will be used to decompose the organic matter in pig manure that is not easy to be directly used by crops into small molecules. This fermentation process combines the advantages of deodorization, pest killing, disease destroying, nutrient enhancement, and elimination of secondary fermentation.

Heat will be produced in the process of pig manure fermentation, which can effectively kill the parasitic eggs and disease contained in pig manure and prevent harm to crops. The fermented pig manure is fully decomposed, so the phenomenon of root burning and seedling burning is eliminated, and the fermented pig manure is more safe. During the fermentation process, the large molecules of organic matter contained in pig manure are decomposed into inorganic salts and minerals that can be directly used by crops, at the same time, the metabolites of bacteria were generated, which enriched the nutrition of pig manure. The fermentation is also a biological deodorization process, and the fermented pig manure has no odor and is more convenient to use.

Early stage of fermentation: It is necessary to build a fermentation tank with 3 meters wide and 50 meters long, which can ferment over 200 tons of raw materials. Then stack the raw materials in a fermentation tank. Put 1 kg of putrid agent mixed into 20kg of water, then mix them with raw materials.



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