Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

BB Fertilizer Mixer

Capacity:                          1-20 tons per hour
Materials:                         A variety of fertilizers
Application:                     Mixing of two or more fertilizers


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  • Technical Parameters

BB fertilizer mixer (fertilizer mixing production line) adopts the operation method  of feeding in positive rotation and discharging in reverse rotation, and the material is mixed and exported through special internal spiral mechanism and unique three-dimensional structure. The equipment has novel design and strong practicability; its feeding system does not store the material, and the mixing system is with high performance; electronic controlling system, with manual, automatic and compound settings, has the characteristics that the similar products do not have. The equipment is characterized by low price, small floor space, large output and even stirring, etc.

The BB fertilizer production line mainly includes the following equipment:

Storage bin, feeding machine, measuring scale, mixer, large angle belt lifter, quantitative packing scale, automatic sewing machine, belt conveyor for finished products, computer controlling system.

The process is as follows: material storage system, material feeding system, measurement system, conveying and lifting system, stirring and mixing system, automatic packaging and sewing bag, belt transportation for finished product, computer controlling system.

Features: High accuracy, fast speed, low energy consumption, small footprint;

Advantages: Beautiful appearance, reasonable design, simple operation, accurate measurement;

Product Configuration: Material conveying system, batching measurement system, material mixing system, product packaging system, high-performance controlling system.
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Technical Parameters

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